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    You can buy photos printed on quality photo paper only or glued onto kapa-mount* (foam plastic). All photos will be laminated after printed onto a quality semi-matt photo paper. Approximate prices:

    Size, cm Price, (€) Price (w. kapa)
    A4 21 x 30 27.- 30.-
    A3 30 x 42 40.- 50.-
    A2 42 x 59 60.- 67.-
    A1 59 x 84 80.- 90.-
    A0 84 x 119 100.- 140.-

    To make an order please send me an e-mail with the file name of the picture and the dimensions you are interested in to an address as follows: foto ['ät'] You will find the file names under each thumbnail or large photo which is usually in formats as follows: 'IMG_5521' or '090623_0567'.

    Shipping: Printed photos will be sent to you inside cardboard cylinder by post. Photos glued on kapa-mount will be delivered only in Tallinn, Estonia. The delivery inside Estonia is for free. The cost of delivery to abroad depends on your location.

    Payment methods: Bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers).

    Prints of the photos published on this website are unique in some respects - it is not possible to buy these from stores nor art galleries.

    I hope you found a suitable photo to decorate your home or office wall(s) or as a wonderful gift for your firend(s).

    Sorry for imperfect English!

    foto ['ät']
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